Making Connections through Music with the Intention of Creating Peace

Do you believe we can have peace on earth? Seems like most people want to, but don’t really think it’s possible. Maybe that’s the problem? I’ve often said I believe we can have peace in the world, and most folks just say, “Good luck with that.” So, this is what some might call a grand challenge. But the way to achieve such an...

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Love Activated

As writers, we have words we can spare. Words that arise from the wellspring of our love of, in service of our love for. Words that bring our inner light to the outer life. “I have some food I can spare,” is a phrase used in gift economies when a person offers a gift without the expectation of a reciprocal gesture. However,...

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Privilege, Empathy, and Hope for Peace

One of the greatest illusions we have as Americans is that we rightly deserve everything that we have, or that we have justifiably earned everything that we have accomplished. While this may be true for a few, is it really true for most of us? If we are completely honest, wasn’t there someone or something in our past that made...

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