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Making Connections through Music with the Intention of Creating Peace

Do you believe we can have peace on earth? Seems like most people want to, but don’t really think it’s possible. Maybe that’s the problem? I’ve often said I believe we can have peace in the world, and most folks just say, “Good luck with that.” So, this is what some might call a grand challenge. But the way to achieve such an enormous task is to first focus on something we can achieve. That’s what I’m suggesting we do now. Focus on music and believe we can make a difference. Here’s my rationale: How’d we get to be...

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The Spiritual Work of Climate Advocacy

It was after 9:00 p.m., almost bedtime on a Thursday night in September 2014. Heading home from an exhausting three-hour workshop in a dank downtown library meeting room, I beamed with an energy and hope I thought I’d never know. Climate change was an overwhelming, foregone conclusion—and there was a solution, a best first step. The problem was global and one person’s actions futile, and there was something I could do tonight, tomorrow, next week that would bring effective change. Our political system was corrupt and owned by the fossil fuel lobby, and humble volunteers were making inroads. I...

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Empathy Is the New Literacy

“Do you want to play kickball with us?” Unsolicited, a second-grader at an inner-city Oakland, California, school invites into his game the adult stranger standing awestruck on the blacktop at the school recess break. It looks like chaos, as any playground with over a hundred children would. But there seems to be only one other adult around, and the children are engaging happily in various forms of play. If conflict arises between students that they cannot resolve, one of a few students in “junior coach” t-shirts jumps in to help mediate. But the need for this is rare. The...

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